Central Plains Cardiothoracic Surgery, LLC, is the surgical practice of Dr. Paul Uhlig.

Dr. Uhlig is a board certified cardiothoracic surgeon, specializing in the care of patients who need surgery of the heart and lungs. His surgical expertise is in coronary artery bypass surgery, heart valve repair and replacement, thoracic aortic surgery, and treatment of surgical diseases of the lungs and chest.

Dr. Uhlig received his MD degree from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Kansas City, served his residency in general surgery with additional training in general thoracic surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School in Boston, and his cardiothoracic surgery residency at Indiana University in Indianapolis. He has been caring for cardiothoracic surgery patients for more than twenty years.

Dr. Uhlig is also a nationally recognized expert in patient safety, high reliability healthcare teamwork, and patient and family involvement in care. His research concerns how healthcare can be transformed to meet evolving needs of patients and society.

In addition to his surgical practice, Dr. Uhlig is associate professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita.

Dr. Uhlig and his wife, Anna Nelson Uhlig, from Little River, Kansas, have four sons, Paul, Karl, Robert, and Evan.

Dr. Uhlig grew up in Wichita. His father, Paul J. Uhlig, MD, was a pediatrician in Wichita, and his grandfather, Henry N. Tihen, MD, began his practice of internal medicine in Wichita in 1921.

Central Plains Cardiothoracic Surgery LLC

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Central plains cardiothoracic surgery LLC

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